Corner Pocket

A worker’s ‘get out of jail free card’ for any and all magic situations. 

Get it for FREE today! (normally $20)

  • Created by a famous worker magician (who has been performing a version of this routine for almost 15 years)

  • Incorporates a sleight LITERALLY created by a beginner magician (so it’s easy to learn)

  • Can be done with borrowed coins (no more balls of paper here…)

  • Makes use of the fabled ‘magic wand principle’ (minute 5:00)

  • Doesn’t require a perfect classic palm (your instructor will HAPPILY admit his classic palm isn’t even that good…)

  • Incorporates an impossibly clean vanish using misdirection (minute 8:11)

  • An incredible application of light manipulation (that you can use to make ANY coin routine 100x stronger)

  • A great example of ‘the Slydini miming technique’ (which has been used for over 100 years)

  • Almost 360 degree angle proof (no need to worry about pesky spectators!)

  • Instantly restable (perfect for table to table work)

  • Delivered instantly (you’ll be able to start performing with it TODAY)